Helpful Hints for RMHS Sweepstakes Points

By Laurie Hauska

Sweepstakes points are awarded to member exhibitors showing their rabbits at RMHS sanctioned shows. The show year runs from September to the Colorado State Fair in August. To earn sweepstake points you need to be a current member of the RMHS organization. The RMHS keeps a running total of points for Pacings, Quality Points, Best in Show points, and Meat Pen classes for the current show year based on exhibitors' names. Here are a couple of helpful hints to keep your points totals together.

Exhibitor Name

When entering shows, remember to keep the exhibitor name the same for all shows you are showing in. This helps in keeping the sweepstake point totals together. If you enter a show as Bugs Bunny Smith and then at the next show you enter as BB Smith, the RMHS Sweepstakes Secretary will not know that this is the same person and your points will be recorded separately. Here is an example:

Breed: American

Bugs Bunny Smith total is 100 points

BB Smith total is 50 points

Since this is actually the same person, the exhibitor should have a total of 150 points in the point listing. This could really affect how you place at the end of the year when awards are handed out for top placing exhibitors at the RMHS Convention. 

Name Change

If you have a name change during the show year, please be sure to notify Laurie Hauska so that she can combine your points.

Multiple Exhibitors

If you show as multiple exhibitors, all exhibitors have to be members of RMHS or your points will not be included in the point totals for your breed.  For example: On your entry form you list the exhibitors as John Smith/Sally Jones. If John Smith is a member of RMHS but Sally Jones isn't,  the points you earn for this show will not be included in the Sweepstake point totals. So please, be sure that all exhibitors listed on the show entry form are members of RMHS so that all of your show points will be included.

If you have any questions concerning your points please give Laurie Hauska a call. She can be reached at 307-547-9247 or email her at

Changes starting January 1st 2020 RMHS will be using a new guideline for RMHS Sweepstake points.

                Some of the major changes are:

  •  All exhibitors will be required to show in so many shows to receive Sweepstake points at the end of                     the Sweepstake year.
  •  Quality Points will be calculated differently and the top 3 exhibitors at the end of the Sweepstake                          year will recieve an award.

To read more about these changes click on this link   RMHS Sweepstake Revision 2018 


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