RMHS Sanction request need to be submitted 30 days in advance.  

​RMHS Sanctions are available for the all Colorado Clubs that are charter with ARBA and RMHS for the Current year. 

Step 2.  RMHS Sanction Fees

Sanction fees are $5.00 per show 

​Included in the sanction fee is the PayPal fees.  Which range from 45 cents to 1.46 depending on the sanctions you are purchasing.  

Please click on the appropriate fee for your show.   

8 Sanction request $40.00 plus $1.46

RMHS Online Sanction request:

Step 1.  RMHS Sanction request form:

All fields marked with a * is required.  Please include all sanction numbers pertaining to the show(s) you are requesting sanctions for.  When complete click on the SUBMIT button.  

4 Sanction request $20.00 plus 88 cents

Requesting a RMHS sanction will be a 2 step process.   

1.  You will need to fill out the RMHS Sanction request form and click the Submit button.  Please make sure all information is filled out pertaining to your sanction request.  RMHS will need this information to process your sanction request.   By clicking the Submit button this information will be sent to Joyce Holliday, RMHS Secretary.

2. Go to the RMHS Sanction Fees Purchase Section and click on the appropriate fee for the sanctions you are purchasing.   By clicking the Check Out button an additional web page will open called PayPal Checkout.  On this page it will show you the description/amount you are purchasing thru PayPal.  On this PayPal Checkout page you can choose to pay thru PayPal or use a Debt/Credit Card.   

Once Joyce receives the Sanction Form and confirms the correct amount is submitted for Payment the sanctions will be granted.  

1 Sanction request $5.00 plus 45 cents


Rocky Mountain High Shows, Inc.

5 Sanction request $25.00 plus $1.03

2 Sanction request  $10.00 plus 59 cents

7 Sanction request $35.00 plus $1.32

3 Sanction request $15.00 plus 74 cents

6 Sanction request $30.00 plus $1..17