2018-2019 will be from September 2018 thru December 2019

2018-2019 show year will be a little longer this year to adjust for the new Sweepstake points year.    

Starting 2020 the Sweepstake points will run Jan thru Dec 2020



Missing show reports that are now late:

Angora of the Rockies Specialty Show  5/25/2019
RMHS Conv Youth Show Double Points 5/25/2019
RMHS Show Youth Show       5/26/2019
Angora of the Rockies Specialty Show   6/9/2019
Colorado River RBA A Open and Yth    6/14/2019
Colorado River RBA Rare Br     6/14/2019
Colorado River RBA B Open and Yth   6/15/2019
Colorado River RBA C Open and Yth    6/15/2019

Show secretary's please send me these reports ASAP

All shows are calculated thru 6/8/2019 except the shows listed above.   

Thank you


RMHS Sweepstakes Reports

Please click on the links below for specific Sweepstakes Points Reports. If you have any questions about the reports,

please contact Laurie Hauska at hiddenlops@rtconnect.net.


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