2018-2019 Final Points 

2018-2019  September 2018 thru December 2019

2018-2019 show year will be a little longer this year to adjust for the new Sweepstake points year.   ​



1/21/2020 All reports are calculated for the 2018-2019 show year.  If you have any questions on your point totals please email me at hiddenlops@rtconnect.net.  

When viewing your information, if you are highlighted in yellow your membership has expired from RMHS and you are in the 60 day grace period.  If you qualify for a RMHS Sweepstake award your membership will need to be renewed or you will lose your Sweepstake placing win.  

​​Thank you


2020 Sweepstakes

New  Starting Jan 1st 2020,  RMHS will be using new guide lines for calculating sweepstake points for RMHS chartered shows.  Please read the new guideline there are major changes.  Click on the below link.

Higher Quality points for Best in show, Reserve in Show , Best of Breed and Best opposite points. 
​These points will be added together at the end of the year and a award will be given to the top three highest exhibitors.    

To qualify for the end of year points award you will be required to show in a certain amount of shows.  More info on this is also in the Sweepstake Guidelines.  

New Sweepstake Guideline


5/31/2020 Update:
2020 sweepstakes points will roll over to the 2021 year and be included in 2021 points due to the cancellation of the majority of RMHS shows.

RMHS Sweepstakes Reports

Please click on the links below for specific Sweepstakes Points Reports. If you have any questions about the reports,

please contact Laurie Hauska at hiddenlops@rtconnect.net.


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