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Rabbit Show FAQ's

The Correct Way to Fill Out a Rabbit Show Entry Form

The following information is taken from a 1992 Rabbits USA article, but this is still the correct way to complete a rabbit show entry form today.

The Ravings of a Show Secretary

New exhibitors and many long time breeders fill out their rabbit show entry form in a jumbled manner and wonder why the show secretary makes so many mistakes. A long time show secretary tells us how to make her life and job easier and produce fewer mistakes. When entering rabbits on the entry form, start with one breed and variety. Enter all the bucks first. Start with senior bucks, on to 6/8’s and then the juniors. Next, do the same with the all the does of this breed and variety. Then,go on to the next variety of this breed.

After entering all rabbits of one breed, skip a line and enter the next breed in the exact same order described above: 1. Variety, 2. Bucks before Does, 3. Seniors before Juniors. Please skip a line between breeds and between varieties within each breed.  With almost everyone using a show program, entry of the shows goes much faster if you list your animals in the above manner. There is nothing more frustrating than inputting information on an entry when suddenly another breed or variety appears without any ceremony and then the exhibitor skips right back to the breed or variety before.

Click here to see an example of a correctly filled out entry form.

A few more tips on entry forms

You should completely fill out the information on the top section of the form to ensure that you will receive your show report.

If both you and your children are showing, you must fill out separate forms -- one for yourself to show in Open and one for your child(ren) to show in Youth. There is usually a place at the top of the entry form where you indicate if it is an Open or Youth entry. Be sure to check the correct one.

For shows that require pre-entry, you must obtain the entry form and get it to the show secretary by the entry deadline. The entry form is always part of the show catalog, which you can download as soon as it is available from the RMHS Show Calendar page. Email entry deadlines are usually a few days later than mail-in.

Sometimes entry forms are available in a document format, which you can then easily download, fill out online, and email to the show secretary. If the entry form is just in PDF format, you can use this generic Word Document entry form.

For pre-entry shows, you can email your entry to the show secretary by the email entry deadline and pay the fee on the morning of the show before judging starts.

For day of show entries, you will need to print a copy of the entry form to fill in and bring on the morning of the show with your entry fees. If you prefer to type, you can type your entry into forms that are in document format or download the generic Word Doc entry form on this website. Whether typed or hand-written, you will need to bring your completed entry form and all appropriate fees with you to the show. Day of show entry lines can be long, so plan ahead to arrive a little early.