Rocky Mountain High Shows, Inc.

Thank you for using this Online service.  Rocky Mountain High Shows, Inc hopes you find this a convenient way to join or renew your Rocky Mountain High Shows, Inc membership.  

Payment must be submitted with the RMHS Online Membership Form to become a member of RMHS.

Joining or Renewing RMHS Membership:

Joining or Renewing your RMHS Membership Online just became easier.

If you wish to become a member of RMHS or you need to renew your membership you can now do it by filling out the below "RMHS Membership Application" and submit your payment online.  (Paying by credit card you will be charged the processing fee the bank charges to use a credit card.)  By clicking the Submit button this information will be sent to Cody Leblanc, RMHS Secretary for processing.

RMHS will no longer be sending membership cards, please include a valid email address for your RMHS Membership information to be sent to.  

**If anybody who is joining Rocky Mountain High Shows, Inc are not a member of American Rabbit Breeders Association you will need to pay additional $1.00 per member.   

Applicants who live out of the state of Colorado, must belong to a RMHS Charter Club to be able to join/renew Rocky Mountain High Shows, Inc.  Include the clubs name in the below form.    

Please fill out this form completely and click on the "Submit" button.

If you have problems or questions on how to use this site you can email Laurie at hiddenlops@rtconnect.net.