Rocky Mountain High Shows, Inc.

              RMHS Officers

President                   Vice President

  Jerry Parks                                           Daniel Barrett

  jjcparks@outlook.com                        rabbitjudge975@gmail.com


​Secretary                     Treasurer

Cody Leblanc                                          Mike Peacock RMHSSecretary@gmail.com                            mpeacock@tds.net


About Us

Mission Statement

The mission of the RMHS statewide organization shall be

  • to promote, improve, protect and grow the rabbit hobby;
  • to educate, enrich and assist rabbit hobbyists; and
  • to enhance, coordinate and unify policies and procedures in the best interest and high standards of our membership.

RMHS State Representatives

Directors East:

Robin Vogel    robvogel71@gmail.com 

Jon Barba        jwbarba48@gmail.com

Dolly Pfenneberger 2017-2019 dollypf@westland-inc.com

Jennifer Gregg  2017-2019    jennifergregg4@gmail.com 

Directors West:

Sonya Garcia 2018-2020   triplehrabbits@live.com 

Billy Clark  2017-2019     hillbillybunnies2@gmail.com