RMHS State Representatives

Directors East:

Shawn Layne  2016-2018    shawnbobsrabbitranch.gmail.com

John Gard 2017-2018    jgghome@aol.com

Dolly Pfenneberger 2017-2019 dollypf@westland-inc.com

Jennifer Gregg  2017-2019    jennifergregg4@gmail.com 

Directors West:

Mike Peacock  2016-2018   mpeacock@tds.net

Laura Lenihan 2017-2019     juniperelk@gmail.com

RMHS Officers

President   2016-2018       

Sam Albrecht



Vice President 2017-2019

Phil Morgan



Secretary 2017-2019

Joyce Holliday



Treasurer 2016-2018

Marie Adams



About Us

Mission Statement

The mission of the RMHS statewide organization shall be

  • to promote, improve, protect and grow the rabbit hobby;
  • to educate, enrich and assist rabbit hobbyists; and
  • to enhance, coordinate and unify policies and procedures in the best interest and high standards of our membership.

RMHS Members, You will soon be receiving your RMHS Election ballots by mail.  They need to be returned before February 28, 2018.  I am including the bios in the below information and a proposed temporary change to the By-Laws of RMHS. 

Hope this helps you make your decisions when voting. Lets have a good turnout this year!

Temporary Amendment to the RMHS By-Laws

The RMHS board has voted to propose a one-time amendment to the by-laws that due to the late date of the Convention this year (June 2), the new slate of officers should take office on April 1, 2018. This change needs approval by the membership to happen. Otherwise new officers will take effect on June 2, 2018.  We will need your Yes or No vote.

BIOS of Members running for RMHS positions

Jerry Parks
     My name is Jerry Parks and I am placing my name forward to run for president of RMHS in the coming election. I feel strongly that we need to have a forward and positive thinking approach for our state club and its members.
     It is true that I am not a fan of the new director setup. I feel that the local clubs need to have a voice in the direction of the organization. Either we change back to our old C & B or we find a way to have input from the local clubs directly to a director.
     Some background and my involvement in the rabbit hobby: I started as most of you have as a parent following a kid’s passion to work and enjoy rabbits because of 4 H some 28 years ago. We have been members of RMHS for at least 20 years. We started with Holland Lops, Mini Lops, Rex, Californians and then Mini Rex took over as our breed and we have done our best to produce the very best we can.
      I have served as a member of several local clubs, have worked behind the table at shows, have been show superintendent   for several RMHS state conventions, have hosted and organized the 2004 NMRRC National show and helped with many more. Have served as RMHS Vice President, President, National Mini Rex District 4 director, am a Member of the National Mini Rex Hall of Fame, currently handle and maintain the NMRRC web page and am very active in the club nationally.
     I have judged at many county fairs through the state and have witnessed the quality of dedication of our youth and the parents that support them. While I can be tough and come across as a grouch I can also be fair and strive to get things done. I am a believer in our youth.
I believe I can help lead this club to be a vital part of the Rabbit hobby and its influence within the state with encouraging involvement and participation of all members.
I ask for your support and vote.

Treasurer (vote for 1)
Marie  Adams
     I would be honored to serve as Treasurer of RMHS for another term.  Our State organization is very important to our Rabbit Hobby.  And, of course, the treasury is a very important part of any organization.  The condition of our Treasury is on stable ground as we have had a couple of good years with shows and the Sweepstakes awards is now under control.  One exciting thing is that we are moving into new and updated on-line transactions and I am pleased to have been involved in getting these updates to be successful.
     My experience does include considerable bookkeeping in past years, but moving forward to the present, I am involved with computer both at home with my son’s trucking and at the Colorado State Fair.  Keeping up with the times is important for any organization.
     Having been a member of RMHS almost since the beginning has given me lots of background to pull from.  One thing that we must keep in mind is that we need to continue to support our youth and their interest in our hobby.  Without that Youth support, rabbit shows as we know them will not flourish. 
Thanks so much for your consideration.
Marie Adams
RMHS member

Caley Gredig
My name is Caley Gredig.  I am interested in serving Rocky Mountain High Shows in the position of Treasurer.  I am a founding member of the Colorado River Rabbit Breeders Association and have served them as Secretary/Treasurer since the beginning of that club in 2016.  I have also been serving the Cinnamon Rabbit Breeders for the past 2 years as Vice President.  I started out raising Satins and Californians as part of my 4-H projects.  Once I was out of 4-H, I gave all of my rabbits and hutches to other members when I went away to college.  In 2009, I was finally able to start raising rabbits again and purchased some Californians to start raising rabbits to sell to the 4-H youth in my area and then in 2014, I was able to, finally (after 40+years of wanting them), purchase my first group of Cinnamons.

       I feel that I have much to offer the RMHS as a Board member in the following ways:
             1)  I have worked for various individuals and organizations as a bookkeeper for the past 30 years.
            2)  As a member of the board of any organization, I feel that it is imperative to step in and help when and where needed.
           3)  I will encourage breeders of all ages, especially youth, to explore all the opportunities offered to them through the many aspects of our hobby.
          4)  I will continue to exhibit quality animals at as many shows as possible.
          5)  It is important that any organization have strong leadership from their board that can continue to promote and move forward in a positive direction.
        6)  Communication among the BOD, between the BOD and the members and improving the working relationship with ARBA are all important aspects of any club to enable it to truly speak for the breeders and exhibitors.
        There are obviously many tasks that need to be undertaken in order to make the state club a successful organization.  It is up to each member of the Board of Directors to take on responsibilities to that end.  If elected, I would be willing to explore the tasks that need to be accomplished and choose at least one that I find will best make use of my talents and skills.
Please consider me when selecting your new Officers this year.

Mike Peacock
Hi everyone,
               I am soliciting your support in my campaign to serve as Treasurer of RMHS.  I am a mining engineer from Paonia where I have lived since 1997 with my wife Tylene, our four dogs and upwards of 50 rabbits depending on what day of the week it is.   We have been members of the ARBA since 1981. We currently raise Florida Whites, Champagnes, Czech Frosties and Rhinelanders.
           I became an ARBA judge in 1997, and I have been a member of RMHS since 1998 when we first formed the Western Colorado Rabbit Breeders Association.  We have actively participated in shows throughout Colorado and neighboring states, and WCRBA has hosted the RMHS State Convention in variety of venues from Grand Junction to Gunnison in 2017.  I believe that RMHS is important to the rabbit breeders of Colorado and has the potential to be more relevant to all who might wish to belong.  RMHS provides us a forum to show our rabbits and participate in the camaraderie of the rabbit hobby over and above what one would experience just belonging to a local all-breed or Specialty club.  Participating in RMHS allows one to be part of the Sweepstakes contest, enjoy competition among friends, and enables a breeder to measure his/her progress in a particular breed versus other breeders.  RMHS sponsors and provides opportunities for the youth to participate in state judging and royalty contests, with the opportunity to represent the Colorado at the National ARBA Convention
                There are some areas that RMHS can improve in the future.  My goal as Treasurer would be not only to perform the duties of that office but to be a sounding board for those who have ideas for the betterment of the organization.  We need to grow our organization through the addition of new members and the retention of existing members, providing incentives for the members to want to continue.  I also think we need to focus on developing our youth programs to provide incentives to increase participation and involve youth members in the planning stages to make this organization more relevant to them. 
                I have served as President of the WCRBA since WCRBA was first chartered in 1998 and have also served as President of RMHS for four terms during the previous 18 years.  As your Treasurer I would diligently and promptly pay the bills of the organization, provide an annual budget for consideration by the board, and communicate actively with the members through reports in the RMHS newsletter that would include the current balances in the various funds that we have in our treasury.  I would also be open at all times via email or phone to answer questions from our members. I feel my experience as a project engineer in the mining industry for the past 40 years has prepared me well for the position of the RMHS Treasurer as the managing finances, preparing budgets, and determining job costs is a substantial portion of my everyday work day.
Mike Peacock

 East Slope Director (Vote for 2)
John Gard
     I believe that the future of RMHS and all other rabbit shows are dependent on our youth. We should put more effort and money in the children or our hobbit in 5-10 years will disappear. I have been showing rabbits for a number of years and anybody who knows me, knows I will give my best rabbit to help a child do well in showing and raising rabbits. 

    I am sorry the last year I have had heath problems and have not attended as many show as I wanted to. I hope this year I will be able to attend more shows. I believe I can help as a director and want to make our hobby better
John Gard

Shawn Layne
Shawn Layne RMHS Director, Northern Colorado I am running for re-election of my Northern Colorado Directors Post. The past 2 years we were really stagnant as a Board. I am embarrassed to say that I have held this post for the last two years.  I make a promise to all of you, that if I am re-elected, I will work with the newly elected Board and help move this club in a very positive direction. I will work to make us a club again, so that the people are represented and that their voices are heard.
     I strongly support our youth and the social side of our hobby as well as the healthy competition that we provide each other. Please support me, and allow me to be your voice for RMHS. I am an active member of ARBA, The National Mini Rex Rabbit Club, and RMHS. I’ve been involved in the “rabbit habit” for a few years. Like many of us, my habit started with 4H and my kids. Three of my four kids participated in 4H and my youngest is 30 years old now. The kids raised Mini Lops, Mini Rex, & Holland Lops. All three were pretty good at what they did, and provided Lynn (my wife of almost 38 years) with some very good lines to start her “rabbit habit”. The rabbits left in the barn when the kids left were “too cute” to let go of so Lynn started breeding Mini Rex as well as continued to raise Holland Lops. I drove her around the county for many years providing the taxi service and helped her clean the barn now and then. Then a strange thing happened…I started to get to know the people and the judges and somewhere along the way I got hooked into raising a “FEW” Mini Rex Otters. A few turned into a lot and the wife and I struggle to find holes for our bunnies (which has resulted in a 2018 construction project”.
     In addition to raising and breeding Otters, I am currently working with a few folks in Colorado and Texas on a new variety of Mini Rex. The Mini Rex Tans are more stunning to me than the Otters I have bred for 6 or so years and I am excited to see them progress with each generation and will hopefully begin to exhibit them at shows this year so everyone can have a look. I hope your winter breeding program is going well and that all of you are getting ready for the start of the show season. See you all in the show barn!

West Slope Director (vote for 1)
Sonya Garcia
    My name is Sonya Garcia. I am interested in serving Rocky Mountain High shows as the West Slope director. I am a founding member of the Colorado River Rabbit Breeders Association and I also currently serve as President of the club and show superintendent. I am also the Vice President of the Giant Chinchilla Rabbit Breeders Club since last year and was a director for 2 years prior to that. I am also currently the 4 -H leader for Rio Blanco county and have been for 3 years. 
    I raised rabbits in my teenage years as a side project and in 2012 my husband and I decided to get back into rabbits for meat purposes and got our staple breeds of Giant Chinchillas and Silver Fox since they were more rare and needed help. We have since added New Zealands for our daughter in 4-H as well as to help other kids with their 4-H projects. 
    I really enjoy helping people young and old at shows and outside of shows answering questions they may have and getting them interested in rabbits. Communication between board members is very important and I would continue to improve all levels of communication from all areas of the club and to members. I think with my background holding board positions and helping at many levels of shows I would be a good fit as West Slope Director of Rocky Mountain High Shows. If elected, I would represent the West Slope clubs as they see fit and keep our clubs going strong as well as to continue improving the RMHS club. 

Teri Peterson
My name is Teri Peterson (also known as Teri P), and I am throwing my hat in the ring to run for Western Colorado Director to Rocky Mountain High Shows Inc. I have been active in the Colorado rabbit industry since the mid 1980's.

    I have recently moved to Pagosa Springs from the front range. I am currently a member of Narrow Gauge RBA; I was formerly an active member of Platte River Rabbit Fanciers. I have been a director or officer in RMHS off and on for several years. I am currently a licensed ARBA judge. I was Rabbit Superintendent and 4-H Rabbit Judging coach for Weld County for 6 years.

  I see that RMHS is struggling financially at this time. We need to be creative and maybe a little tough to turn the tide around for our state club. I believe I can help to put together solutions to make our club financially strong again. Please vote for me if you agree.




Rocky Mountain High Shows, Inc.